Time for a Cheap Post!

I just got done half-writing a post, and then saying, “UUUUGGGGGHH THIS SUUUUUUUUCKS” and giving up.  Because if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s trying to write when I don’t like what I’m writing about. That shit’s for suckers and undergrad students, and I’m neither one of those things anymore.  So here’s a lame post about random goings-on at our house.

Surrey is growing and teething at the same time.  Because why the hell not?  This means she’s cranky during the day and can’t nap for more than 20 minutes at a time, but since her poor little body is trying desperately to grow, she’s inhaling every piece of food she can get her hands on and trying to fill the rest of the time with sleep.  Which she can’t do, because her asshole teeth are keeping her awake during the day, and waking her up earlier than usual in the morning.  Once again, circle of life.

Phaedra has a dance recital this weekend, which will probably tear a hole in the space/time continuum because of the sheer amount of AWWWWWW that will be concentrated in such a small area of the universe.  Since there are two shows (Saturday and Sunday), and she has to attend both shows, I was a little concerned that she would be over it after the dress rehearsal.  “Oh, I don’t mind waiting during the show, Mom!  I get to play with my friends, and there’s books backstage we can read?  One of them is about camping!  It tells you how to make your own camper!”

O rly?

“Yes!  You just get some aluminum foil, and you paint it.  Then you get some wheels that someone’s car doesn’t want anymore.  Then you get a cardboard box, and that’s the inside part.  And then you just fill it with accessories, like a bed, and a kitchen table, and maybe some Play-Doh!”

You guys, it’s travel brochures.  They read the free travel brochures while they’re waiting to go onstage.

Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

Bella is going through a mental growth spurt right now.  She’s changing so much every day, becoming more and more verbal and social.  Instead of talking to herself or at you, she talks to you.  She also plays with Phaedra more and more, instead of just parallel playing next to her.  My anxiety about preschool in the fall is slowly receding, but depending on how next week’s preschool open house goes, it may experience a brief spike.  If we can just convince her to wait until she’s actually next to a toilet before she strips off her pants to go potty, she’ll be all set.

So, that’s the goings-on here.  See!  We just sat down and caught up!  Like people do!  As a final cheap move reward for sitting through such a dumb post, I present to you:

Cute pictures of my kids!
Happiest Baby on Earth 
First trip to Dairy Queen of the summer.
She seriously smiles like this the entire time we shop.
Bella’s very dangerous, sharp-edged pet bird.
Tiny firefighter.
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6 Responses to Time for a Cheap Post!


    So. When are you guys gonna make your own camper? It sounds easy enough.

  2. Janel says:

    I know, right? The local RV dealer is going to be so pissed when this gets out.

  3. My baby smiles like that all day long too! Untilllll I get out the baby food and spoon. : (

  4. Janel says:

    Oh no! If she could, Baby Surrey would knock me over to get to her high chair. Kid looooooves to eat.

  5. It’s just aluminum foil, get on it.

    That little bearded baby is getting cuter by the minute.

  6. Janel says:

    LOL (literally)!

    One day I’ll come home from work and there will be a shiny new camper in the driveway and no aluminum foil in the kitchen, and I’ll shit my pants.

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