The Blog U Conference



Are you a beginning or small-ish blogger who is:

  • Looking to grow?
  • Wants to improve their skills in a particular area?
  • Is looking to publish a book?
  • Wants to actually make money blogging?
  • Wants to build a group of solid, dependable bloggers to support and grow with?

Most importantly, are you at all interested in:

  • Escaping from your children/significant other for an entire weekend in June?
  • Enjoying alcoholic beverages and cupcakes?
  • Listening to 80s/90s music while meeting amazing women?
  • High-fiving your favorite blogger and asking her how the hell she got to where she is?

Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl, get yourself to BlogU this summer.


BlogU is the newest blogging conference on the block, and it is FOR REAL.  We’ll be in Baltimore the first weekend of June, meeting people, partying, and most importantly, sharing with each other useful, practical tips and how-to’s on how to step up your blogging game.  The faculty (see what we did there?) running the sessions are down-to-Earth women.  They’re not going to give you vague suggestions on how to improve; they’re going to cut the shit and tell you what’s important and what’s not.

This is not an enormous conference with a bazillion people, giving you no chance of ever seeing, let alone speaking to, any of the faculty running the show.  Quite the opposite: they will be setting aside “office hours” specifically aimed at letting you sit down with them one-on-one to have a conversation.  The overall goal is for YOU to use the cozy setting and atmosphere to find your own group of like-minded women.  Groups like this can help support, promote, and advocate for each other, both professionally and personally.  Groups like this can do amazing things.  Trust us.


So for God’s sake, do yourself a favor and register today.  Not convinced?  Why not check out who else will be there?  Or take a look at some of the topics we’ll be covering in our sessions.

See you June 6-8 in Baltimore!

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  2. rachelle says:

    Hi! when will the next Blog U be happening? 🙂

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