Revelations on the Eve of Kindergarten

1.  She will need to actually get dressed.  Every single day.  In clean clothes.  HOLY SHIT I NEED TO GO DO LAUNDRY RIGHT NOW.

2.  Much of what Phaedra likes to eat isn’t appropriate for a packed lunch that needs to remain edible for at least three hours before eating.  In addition, I have absolutely no idea how much food to pack.

3.  I have no idea how exactly one goes about parking or dropping off at Phaedra’s school.  I read the traffic pattern map, but I get lost in that neighborhood every goddamn time I try to drive there.

4.  Flip flops, our shoe de jour this summer, are not okay to wear to school.  She will need to wear tennis shoes.  With socks.  Which means I had to match an entire summer’s worth of socks today.

5.  Phaedra has never spent such an extended amount of time with strangers before in her life.

6.  There must be lunch-appropriate food in the house every day of the week.  Packing bread and water in a lunch is probably not cool.

7.  When I drop off the kids at Grandma’s on the way to work, it will only be Bella and Surrey now.  One less passenger in the car on the way to work.

8.  I’m just as nervous as she is.

9.  This is exactly how my mom must have felt the night before she took me to kindergarten for the first time.

Hold me, you guys.

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7 Responses to Revelations on the Eve of Kindergarten

  1. Cherie says:

    You got this mama! She is going to have an awesome time. Hooray Phaedra!

  2. Arnebya says:

    I hope she comes home with wonderful stories of her day and the fun she had and the friends she made. (Because the alternative is nothing short of fucked up and I am so not the person to ask for the warm and cuddlies today because my baby may still be crying and now I wish I hadn’t stopped drinking because there’d be an emergency tiny vodka in my purse to HELP ME).

  3. Do they not allow flip flops at school? I would stage a protest if I were Phaedra.

  4. iamjanel says:

    Arnebya: “emergency tiny vodka”. Writing this tip down for future reference. That’s also a really good band name.

    Jenn: I’m basing everything I know about elementary school from how it was when I was last there in 1992. I’m sure it’s exactly the same. I also made sure she left her slap bracelet and Trapper Keeper at home.

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