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Lord knows why, but people other than me insist on letting me write for them.

One time, I wrote a post called Parent Like There’s No One Watching.  People liked it!  It was even featured a bunch of different places, including BonBon Break and The Huffington Post! I love the positive response I got from so many parents, and the way the piece really touched so many different people with a wide range of life experiences.

My friend Ilana at Mommy Shorts sometimes lets me send her things, and if they’re not too insane, she actually posts them! I keep thinking she’s confusing me with another friend named Janel that writes about parenting, but she insists that’s not the case. Here’s my take on PTA parents, a list of childhood milestones that really count, and my thoughts on my new favorite Muppet, Julia.

Believe it or not, I am a contributor to a bunch of anthologies! You should check out my Amazon author page immediately and start recklessly ordering them all! I’m especially proud of my contribution to the most recent installment in the Pee Alone series, But Did You Die? Setting the Parenting Bar Low.

Here I am at Scary Mommy talking about how much I (don’t) love school or sleepovers. FYI — girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, people are soooooooo pissed over my sleepover ban!

If you’ve never checked out I Just Want to Pee Alone, you could start with my post.

Sometimes I have so much to say in a not-very-coherent way that I have to make a video about it. Here’s where you can find me rambling about Target, mostly, but sometimes other slightly funny things as well.

LTYM2014A few years ago I had the honor of participating in the first Metro Detroit cast of Listen To Your Mother! Here I am talking about babies and dicks (but not baby’s dicks, because I’m not a monster).


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  1. annelysem says:

    Hey Janel, I just wanted you to know that I love reading your posts, another benefit to being a part of the LTYM cast. I also purchased the book I Just Want to Be Alone for a girlfriend who just turned 40. She literally has everything so this book was a perfect gift. If I was organized I would have had you sign it on Sunday.

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