Reasons Why Phaedra Woke Up and Needs to Sleep in Our Bed

1.  “I had a bad dream!”

2.  “I can’t sleep!”

3.  “I don’t know what to do about the picture taped above my bed that keeps falling down!”

4.  “I feel bad about myself.” [Translation: this is her weird way of saying she doesn’t want to do whatever she has to do the next day, i.e. go to school.]

5.  “I’m cold!”

6.  “I’m hot!”

7.  “I went potty and then I got lost.”

8.  “I heard something!”

9.  “I think I’m sick.”

10.  “I need a job.”

11.  “I need a drink.”

Me too, kid, but not the kind that comes from the bathroom faucet.

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12 Responses to Reasons Why Phaedra Woke Up and Needs to Sleep in Our Bed

  1. Nikki Palmer says:

    .I love this especially “I need a job” reason. Brilliant thanks for sharing this and it made my day 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    My favorite is #6 🙂

  3. This should come with a warning not to drink coffee while reading it. I almost spit mine out twice, and you would have owed me a new laptop.

  4. Arnebya says:

    #s 3, 7, and 10 made me burst out laughing.

  5. Julia's Math says:

    Extra points for creativity and (I’m guessing here ) Style points for her delivery of said reasons….

  6. I don’t even get a reason anymore, I just get my boobs clawed as she climbs up to my bed. If it’s after 4am, I just keep her. Otherwise we have to launch her back into that loft bed (we didn’t think that little gift through logistically at ALL).

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