Not Enough


King Rob and his lady fair
February 1998

This September, Rob and I will forget about our eleventh wedding anniversary until a few days after it passes, like we always do.  Altogether, we’ve been an item for seventeen years.  We finished high school together, made it through college, then more college, a baby, even more college, a few more babies, and a slew of jobs scattered throughout.  Whenever I tell people how long we’ve been together, they’re either surprised, delighted, or, in one case, “disgusted” (I think she meant “envious”).

But I’m greedy.  I want more time.  Seventeen years is not nearly enough — I want sixty, seventy more years with this charming motherfucker.  I’m not done with this guy by a long shot.

Photo by Darkroom Divas

So that’s why my heart is breaking for my friend Courtney from Our Small Moments.  Courtney, who is about my age, lost her husband to cancer this week.  Her small children, who are also about the same age as my children, lost their dad to cancer this week.  They don’t get any more time with Scott, although I’m sure they’re just as greedy for it as I am.

Photo by Courtney from Our Small Moments

I can’t even imagine being in her shoes, although it very easily could be me.  Or you, for that matter.  Because cancer doesn’t give a fuck how old you are, how long you’ve loved someone, or how long you plan on having that person around.  It just shows up unannounced, steals your future out from under your feet, and then leaves.  It’s a huge fucking asshole.

It’s scary and infuriating that good, wonderful people like Courtney and her family are being robbed of the years they should rightfully have together.  That’s why a group of us, bloggers that have grown to know and love Courtney over the years, decided to help a sister out.  We’ve put together a fundraiser to help Courtney cover the mounting medical bills she faces while trying to put her life back together.  While the bills are enormous, your contribution need not be.  Even one dollar is still a kick in the nuts to cancer.

I don’t have a fancy ending for this post.  Just a simple request: if you would like to help, click here.  Thanks.

Now go hug someone you love right now.

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7 Responses to Not Enough

  1. It really is never enough time, is it? Hug. Erin

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  3. Meredith says:

    I think your ending is better than fancy–perfectly what Courtney needs. Thank you.

  4. HouseTalkN says:

    Perfectly said. We are greedy for all the time we can get together.

  5. Arnebya says:

    Time is a bitch and cancer a dirty slut who likes to lick time’s balls.

    I am also greedy.

  6. I, too, fall in to the greedy camp. And this post really resonated with me. You know what also resonated with me? That awesome pic of you and Rob from the 90’s.

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