I Just Don’t Care

Since I party hard ’til the break of dawn most nights, I have the opportunity to watch lots of quality programming, such as the show Parking Wars.  At the end of one of the episodes, the parking attendant talked about how she won’t bring her daughter to work with her, since putting boots on cars in downtown Philadelphia can be dangerous.  “Besides,” she said, “I have bigger dreams for my daughter than to be a booter when she grows up.”

I wondered what exactly she did want her daughter to be when she grew up.  I don’t really have any dreams or hopes for what I’d like my daughters to be at all.  I don’t understand the whole “I want my daughter to be a doctor or a lawyer or a librarian (SHUT UP IT’S A POST-GRADUATE DEGREE JOB) when she grows up” thing.  I honestly don’t give a shit what my daughters decide to do for money when they become adults.

Except for the drug and sex industries.  I’d prefer they avoid that route, quite honestly.

Seriously, though, I could care less what they actually end up doing for a vocation, as long as they are happy doing it.  If Phaedra grows up and decides that instead of going to college, she’d like to become a manager at Taco Bell, because she really enjoys working with people and loves the smell of chalupas, well, vaya con dios, girl.  If she’s happy, and generally a good person, then I did my job.  That is how much I love these girls.  The one thing that motivates me to do a good job as a mom is my hope that they grow up to be happy, well-adjusted girls.

 It’s possible.

That’s also why I don’t quite understand when parents get upset about their kids being gay.  First, there are many, many other things worse than your kid coming to you with that news (I say “worse” assuming that you are a parent that would be upset by this news; as I said, I could give a shit).  Things such as, “Mom, Dad, I ran someone over on the way home from school yesterday,” or, “Hey guys, I just had a baby in the toilet, could you bring me some towels?”, or, “Um, do you think our insurance covers rehab?  I might have a bit of a drug problem.”  Seriously, if you have daughters, I couldn’t think of anything better than my 16 year old girl coming to me and saying, “Mom, Dad, I’ve decided to pursue a lifestyle that will never enable me to become accidentally pregnant at a young age.”  Because now I don’t have to make my husband clean a gun in the living room every time a boy comes to our house just to insure that doesn’t happen.

It all comes back to happiness.  If my daughter came to me one day and said, “Mom, I’m a lesbian,” I would tell her, “That’s great, honey.  I love you.  Now, seriously, for the love of Christ, PLEASE PUT ON YOUR SHOES SO WE’RE NOT LATE FOR SCHOOL FOR THE NINE HUNDREDTH TIME THIS YEAR.” I just love those girls so hard that seeing them happy is all I need to be happy.  If they find someone, male or female, that makes them happy, even if that person also works at Taco Bell and shares their love of chalupas, then I’m happy, too.

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4 Responses to I Just Don’t Care

  1. I love this, and I couldn’t agree more. Gay? Wouldn’t bother me. Republican though, THAT might be an issue.

  2. Kristin says:

    I don’t care either, I really do want to see him happy. But I do have a secret desire for him to become a world-class chef, if he wants to… See, no post-grad degree needed!

  3. Nicole says:

    Spot on, momma. I couldn’t agree more.

  4. Absolutely yes yes yes.
    I never understood why parents would want their kids to be something really specific like lawyer/doctor/whatever.
    I understand wanting them to be something that gives us parents a really cool free perk of some sort…like inventing nutritious yet calorie-free cheesecake, or a designer of clothes that look really good on us, or something else super important like that. But my happiness will always only be a side effect of their own happiness.

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