Gingers Rule Everything Around Me

Remember Surrey?  That baby I had a few summers ago?  She’s still here, tooling around the house, eating everything in sight.


The red hair is also still around, too, growing longer and thicker all the time.  I am not ashamed to admit that I am completely in love with her hair.  It’s this beautiful shade of orangey blonde (people sometimes call it strawberry blonde, but it’s more strawberry than blonde).  Each time I was pregnant, I would hope for a redhead.  Rob and I both have a ton of red hair in our families, so it wasn’t such a far-fetched idea.  The first time around, I got a blonde.  The second time, I got a brunette.  The third time, I had jokingly said that it would be awesome to have one of each hair color.  When Surrey was born, The Grandmas tried to convince me that she had red hair as they watched the nurses clean her up.  I appreciated their optimism, but I was too busy expressing to my husband how much I absolutely did not want to do that ever, ever again.  I was pretty focused on making sure he understood how strongly I felt about this.  This is not uncommon behavior from a woman who just shoved a nine-pound baby out of her body without the help of drugs.  Once the nurses brought her over to me, however, it couldn’t be denied: she did indeed have beautiful, bright red hair.


Her hair is worshipped by all whenever I take her out in public.  She is a ginger goddess when we go to the store, with shoppers and employees alike stopping me so they can pay their respects to the baby with the copper hair.  Sometimes I get haters, though.  “My daughter/sister/friend’s baby had red hair like that, then it turned blonde/brown when she got older.”  Wow, thanks!  COOL STORY, BRO!  Hey, I’ve got a story about your baby: my friend’s baby used to be really cute like yours, but then she hit puberty and turned super ugly.  Hey, what’s wrong?  WASN’T THAT AN ENJOYABLE EXCHANGE WE JUST HAD?!

Surrey is beautiful and precious and simply darling, but this kid is seriously threatening to bankrupt me this summer.  I’m going to have to invest heavily in sunscreen, which must be re-applied every sixteen seconds or her chubby little arms start turning an angry pink.  She’s so pale she’s almost translucent, and our backyard has absolutely zero shade.  It’s way too much responsibility for me, honestly.

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Problem solved.

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6 Responses to Gingers Rule Everything Around Me

  1. Emily says:

    Mine has the exact same coloring. We now live in Southern California, where the UV index forecast is “12-EXTREME DANGER” every day except for maybe like January 3-15, when it’s only “8-YOU’RE SORT OF OKAY FOR MAYBE FIVE MINUTES”

    Wide-brimmed hats do a great job of covering up any facial sunscreen application incompetence (this one has worked out amazingly well:, and we finally found a sunscreen that only causes her to break into rash on every 53rd application (we rotate between the Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids and the Neutrogena Pure + Free Baby).

    Age three + ginger situation = save us all.

    • Yeah, three is going to be rough with this one. She won’t keep a hat on her head. because that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? She’s been okay with sunscreen in terms of sensitivity so far, but holy moly, it takes about .3 seconds for her to start turning pink.

  2. I had hoped for a redhead. My mom’s a redhead, as were both of her parents. But, alas, no ginger.
    But I *do* get to need to slather SPF4,000 on myself every hour on the hour. So, there’s that.

  3. Nikki Palmer says:

    Surrey’s hair is absolutely beautiful. I’m a such huge fan of red/ginger hair…so much so that I went a little crazy when I moved here in England. There are so many people I see daily with beautiful shades of red/ginger hair that it can be bit overwhelming to not want to compliment each red/ginger haired person I meet. (cool fact my black godmother has ginger hair and her grandmother is Scottish…so cool) x

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