Cupcakes and Breast Cancer Research = #BakeItHappen

When my dear friend Kim from The Fordeville Diaries told me about Bake it Happen, I made her explain it to me several times, very slowly, because I couldn’t believe how simple and amazing it really is. Bake it Happen is an organization that uses the power of social media along with the power of everyone’s undying love of baked goods to generate cold hard dollars for breast cancer research. This year, all Bake it Happen donations will support The Cancer Couch, an organization that specifically funds a type of breast cancer that is so crucial yet is sadly underfunded: metastatic breast cancer.

Here’s how it works:

So, in short — sign up for the emails, get the recipe, make it, brag to your friends on Facebook and Instagram about your bomb-ass chocolate cupcakes, and voila! You’ve done your good deed and supported funding for breast cancer research.

What a time to be alive, you guys.

Before we get to the baking, let’s have a serious conversation for a minute. While I can write my way out of a funny paper bag, and I’m a pretty decent baker, I’m not a food blogger. I’m going to take you through a real-talk version of what it looks like to bake cupcakes on a school night in my house.

After getting home from work at 6:30pm, I realize this will be my only day this week that I’m able to bake cupcakes. Plus, they look really good from the picture and I need to eat these and catch up on My Shows tonight after these kids go to bed. So I pulled up my recipe and mixed up the cream cheese filling for my recipe.

You can see things are going well because I’m still wearing my work dress and am cooking in bare feet. The fact alone that I took a picture of my cooking that features my feet and just went, “Eh, whatever,” and moved on should tell you how much confidence I have in my photography skills. It wasn’t going to get better; best to move on.

As I was mixing ingredients and pulling out pans and cupcake liners, Phaedra came into the kitchen and began packing her lunch. I like this new packing lunch thing she does at night. Partly because her lunch is the hardest to pack because her preferences change from day to day and giving the task over to her was a beautiful moment, but mostly because she likes to chat with me about her new obsessions, school, how to actually pack the lunch, and anything else on her mind. It’s our little chat pocket in the day. While we chatted that night, I thought about her, and our family history of breast cancer. I thought about how I would mix up another fifty dozen batches of cupcakes every single weeknight if it meant raising enough money to find a cure before she’s old enough to spend time worrying late at night about whether she’ll also have to deal with this disease one day.

After Phaedra finished packing her lunch and made her way upstairs to stretch out her bedtime tasks as long as possible, I mixed up the dry ingredients and added the wet ingredients. Here’s a picture of what that looks like:

If you’re reading this, Martha, let me know if you need to know how I crafted this masterpiece of food styling and I’m happy to give you my tips and tricks.

Finally I got this together and put it in the oven. I felt pretty good about them. Here’s my artsy picture.

Do you like how I made sure to get all the extra drips off the pan so it would like nice in the picture? Oh, I didn’t do that? Cool. I also had to stick my camera directly into my 350 degree oven while it was pumping full blast. Again, full-on culinary blogging professional. But it was all worth it, because check out the finished product:

GUYS THEY ARE SO DAMN GOOD. I usually won’t eat chocolate cake, because it’s usually dry and not good. Don’t tell me yours is different; it’s not. I’ll tell you it’s different to be nice, but trust and believe, it’s not and I’m throwing away your cake when you walk away. But these bad boys? They are super moist because of the cream cheese filling and the melty chocolate chips. I’m in love and they are officially my new go-to treat for when I have to bake for something and I want to impress people that I don’t like (shut up, you know exactly which events I’m talking about). The fact that this whole evening and these yummy treats that I ate compulsively for the next few days supported a good cause is just the cream cheese filling on the otherwise unimpressive chocolate cake.

So, I know there’s only today and tomorrow left to bake, but go for it! And even though October is drawing to a close, or you just don’t feel like you can live up to my mediocre baking standards, you can still contribute whatever spare change your kids get dumped in their Halloween bags by weirdos anytime by clicking here.

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