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A Letter to My Neighbors, Now That My Windows Are Open

Dear Neighbors, Welcome back!  Once again, it’s summertime here in Michigan, and the temperatures will soon begin to climb.  You might remember that we, your favorite neighbors (HAHAHAHAHAHA) do not have air conditioning and will have every window in our house … Continue reading

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Mostly Bass, Some Treble

Guys, I’m not fat.  I realize that.  But I am fatter.  I am a recovering skinny girl who still shops and dresses like a skinny girl.  It’s not until I find myself in a changing room stuck in a pair … Continue reading

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Tiny Burgers

Here’s something I like to do to my kids that’s extremely dumb and entertaining only to myself. Sometimes I make burgers for my kids for dinner.  Not all my kids, since Phaedra doesn’t really eat beef.  Bella and Surrey, however, are … Continue reading

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Shenanigans Bella Managed to Pull During the Thirty Minute Wait for Phaedra’s Dance Class

1.  Walk into a room conducting testing for karate belts and start crawling under spectators’ chairs. 2.  Re-enter the same karate testing room two minutes later and lay down screaming and crying because I insist she leave. 3.  Climb halfway … Continue reading

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The After-After Party

Rob and I have always been late-night people.  The year before we were married, we would both come home from our late-night jobs around 1:00 am and stay up watching TV and hanging out until around 3:00 am.  Then we … Continue reading

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