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Mostly Bass, Some Treble

Guys, I’m not fat.  I realize that.  But I am fatter.  I am a recovering skinny girl who still shops and dresses like a skinny girl.  It’s not until I find myself in a changing room stuck in a pair … Continue reading

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Things I Have Actually Said to Bellatrix*

*her “in trouble” name. 1.  “Where’s the poop, Bellatrix?”2.  “We don’t drink toilet water!”3.  “Why are you naked?”4.  “Stop grabbing the dog’s penis!”5.  “We don’t dip our toys in our milk.”6.  “Please don’t pinch my fat rolls.”7.  “Yogurt is for … Continue reading

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Birth Story: Part Three and a Half (Because It’s Really, Really Long)

**So, up until this point, if you were squeamish or male, reading my birth story was probably not too uncomfortable for you.  That’s about to change, so if you fit either one of those two categories, I’ll let you know … Continue reading

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Lest you think all is sunshine and baby rainbows up in here, let me put your mind at ease.  Let’s talk about a little event that recently happened in our house that I like to call “Turdageddon”.  Well, I don’t … Continue reading

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Foods That I Will Roundhouse Kick Out of Your Hand if You Come Anywhere Near Me With Them

I’m finally starting to emerge from the grips of morning sickness, thank God.  My version of morning sickness is peculiar.  I do get periodically nauseous throughout the day, but i don’t vomit very often.  My biggest problems are my super-sensitive … Continue reading

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