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Tiny Burgers

Here’s something I like to do to my kids that’s extremely dumb and entertaining only to myself. Sometimes I make burgers for my kids for dinner.  Not all my kids, since Phaedra doesn’t really eat beef.  Bella and Surrey, however, are … Continue reading

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A New Hope

As I round the corner on baby Surrey’s first year and say goodbye to the baby days for good, I want to take a moment to speak directly to my brothers- and sisters-in-arms that are currently slogging through the baby … Continue reading

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When Rob Says, “She Doesn’t Get Sarcasm, Janel”, I’m Pretty Sure This is What He Means

Sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast, listening to a Pink Floyd song on the radio. Phaedra: “Mom, what’s the name of this song?”Me: It’s called, “Another Brick in the Wall”.Phaedra: “This sounds like a kids song.  What are … Continue reading

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