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Diary of a Mad Hungry Baby

Oh, Surrey.  Sweet, lovable, constantly-looking-for-her-next-meal Surrey.  Besides hugs and Mickey Mouse, Surrey’s favorite thing to do is eat.  If she didn’t look so much like her father, I would swear she is part Hobbit — m’lady needs her first and  … Continue reading

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Downgrading to Babies 1.0

The older girls left today for their camping trip. With my husband still gone on his campaign for world peace, this left me tending to a single smiling, happy, easy-to-care-for baby the entire weekend all by myself.  For those of … Continue reading

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Birth Story: Part Three and a Half (Because It’s Really, Really Long)

**So, up until this point, if you were squeamish or male, reading my birth story was probably not too uncomfortable for you.  That’s about to change, so if you fit either one of those two categories, I’ll let you know … Continue reading

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