Adult TV Shows My Kids Are Crazy About

If anything has been established by now, it’s that my kids are weird.  If anything else has been established, it’s that their parents are just as weird, if not weirder.  Example: we kind of let our kids watch whatever they want, within reason.  For example, we’re not holding regular screenings of Saw III in our house, and I’ll be damned if my girls will watch anything starring those Bratz hussies.

 Yeah, I said it.  With your skanky clothes and clown makeup.

On the whole, we just kind of trust their judgement, answer their questions, and try to be sure we’re not permanently scarring them for life.  The basics, right?

At any rate, here’s a list of adult TV shows that my kids love.  Some entries on the list I understand; others, I have absolutely no clue why they like the show.  Many of them are probably not the most appropriate shows in the world for a four- and two-year-old, but sometimes Mommy and Daddy need to watch something hosted by someone that doesn’t shout at you or talk in a voice two octaves higher than an adult man is meant to talk.

Yeah, I’m looking in your direction, Dora.  STOP SHOUTING AT ME.

1) COPS: I think I’ve already talked about Phaedra’s appreciation of this show.  She gets distressed sometimes when the “bad boys” do something like run away or get introduced to the hood of the cop’s cruiser.  “Why those boys being so bad?”  “Because they didn’t go to bed on time when they were little kids.  Good night!”

2) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: We are huge fans of this show.  Rob has every available season on DVD, and while he usually watches them in the basement, he watched a few episodes upstairs once while the girls were playing late one night.  Phaedra is now hooked on this show, and specifically asks to watch “The Sunny Movie”.  I have no idea what it is she likes about the show, but she laughs at certain parts every time, can tell you most of the character’s names, and particularly enjoys the menu screen.  She also enjoys telling us a couple of colorful phrases from the show which I won’t repeat, and particularly enjoys the episode where Charlie dresses like Serpico and slaps the statue in the butt.  “Charlie’s so silly!” she says, every time.  I don’t even think she gets 99% of the jokes, and she is constantly puzzled as to why they keep behaving so badly (“Momma, why she break that window?”), but nonetheless, at least once a week, I come home from work to find her watching Sweet Dee try to win the dance marathon.

3) Tosh.0: Ooooh boy.  This is the show that’s going to land me a conference with Phaedra’s preschool teacher, I can just feel it.  If you’ve never seen this show, it’s basically The Soup with Internet videos instead of talk shows.  Rob and I discovered this show last summer, and, thus, Phaedra discovered it, too.  There are several reasons why I think she loves this show.  First, the host is named Daniel Tosh.  I can’t even count how many Dan/Danny/Daniels this kid has in her life, between uncles, godfathers, etc. etc., so she likes that.  Some of the videos make her laugh; others just prompt a million questions (“Why she do that?” being the most popular); still other videos stress her out, usually people getting hurt or doing dumb stunts. At these videos, she will often shout, “Don’t do that!  YOU’LL GET HURT!!” at the TV.  The way she pronounces the show is funny: it’s “Tosh Pie-No”, which cracks me up every time.  The name of the game when we all watch this show together is learning when to distract Phaedra with an especially interesting question while the puke montage or dude-getting-his-tooth-yanked-out-by-his-girlfriend video is playing (I’m not a completely irresponsible parent, folks).

4)  The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross:  Probably the most wholesome of the adult shows enjoyed by my kids.  Anytime we hear the theme music for this show in our house, it means Daddy is getting ready to take a nap.  Rob loves watching this show and letting the soothing voice of Bob Ross lull him to sleep.

If looking at this man doesn’t instantly make you happy, you have no soul.

When Phaedra was a baby we noticed that she would become hypnotized when Bob smiled and talked to her, and loved watching the close-up shots of his painting.  Colors and calm voices.   We wondered if lightening would strike twice and, sure enough, Bella fell in love with Bob too.  As far as I’m concerned, this show is right up there with Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood in terms of appropriateness for kids.  There are worse shows they could be watching.  For example, any of the other shows on this list.

So, there they are, in all their totally inappropriate glory.  I’m not too worried, though.  My favorite shows when I was a kid were Gallagher specials and any R-rated comedy from the mid-80s, and I turned out OK.

Pretty much.
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  1. I likely have seen every episode of The Joy of Painting With Bob Ross. My parents both loved this, and it is what I remember seeing on the tv the most.
    The best part? We had a B&W tv most of my childhood, up until I was in high school.
    So now when it comes on, I, too, am mesmerized by all the pretty colors.

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